Lakefront Homes for Sale

lakefront homes for sale

Welcome to Living on Lake, your best source for the finest lakefront homes for sale on the market today. My name is Teresa Smith, and along with my team, I’ve been helping connect clients with fantastic lake homes for over 15 years. As a longtime resident of the lake, I know the lake and its many coves like the back of my hand. Our friendly and knowledge group of real estate professionals are ready to start the process today. With a great track record of sales and past satisfied clients, you’ll soon see why it helps to work with dedicated lake agents. Let us be the trusted source working for you and your family.

We’ve been named the #1 Keller Williams team in North Gwinnett, and sold over $20 million in lake lots and homes last year. Couple that success with our experienced and nuanced understanding of the Lake Lanier market, and you’ve got a valuable resource for investment insight and local knowledge. With lakefront property, there are many issues that need to be considered in addition to the average real estate transaction. With our team, you’ll receive the guidance you need to make a confident purchasing decision and find a house you’ll love. If you’re looking to sell, know that we bring not only our expertise, but the full resources and extensive network of Keller Williams. We go the extra mile with social media, listing sites, professional photos and staging, and dedication to getting you the best offer on the market. So when it comes to lakefront homes for sale, trust a full-time lake agent. Read on, and let’s talk about some of the nuances of lakefront living that we can help you better understand here at Living on Lake Lanier.

lakefront homes for sale

Lakefront Homes for Sale Can Be Yours Today!


Any housing search can sometimes seem like a bit overwhelming at first. It’s important to have a reliable, skilled realtor on your side from the beginning. This is especially true when considering lakefront homes for sale. My team and I specialize in Lake Lanier real estate, and can help guide you through the many issues that accompany lakefront property. As I mentioned earlier, I’m a full-time resident of the lake, and have plenty of experience evaluating and scouting the finest available properties across the 5 counties and 600 miles of shoreline that comprise Lake Lanier. There are many intricacies involved in lake purchases that are best understood and explained by a full-time lake agent.

For example, do you know much about Army Corps of Engineers rules and regulations? Probably not, and these can really have an impact on future plans you might be envisioning for a lake lot or home. Other important items to consider; water depth and drought conditions, potential for return on your investment and market history, dock permits and regulations, and access to services. We’d be honored to work with you as you begin exploring the many Lake Lanier homes for sale, and we hope you’ll take a chance to read some of our past clients’ testimonials to see just what kind of dedicated and professional service we can offer. You’ll soon see that we bring a calm, professional approach to all of our clients, and are always here to listen to your concerns and needs. Give us a call today, and let’s start your search for lakefront homes for sale now!

Living On A Lake

living on a lake

Tired of the same old routine, fighting traffic and living in the city? Ready for an EXCITING change of pace for your daily life? Perhaps it’s time you consider living on a lake! Why not let this be the year you make the move to living the lake life? Hello, I’m Teresa Smith, and my team of EXPERIENCED lake agents is ready to help you find the lakefront property of your dreams. Our team has almost 15 years of experience working exclusively on the Lake Lanier real estate market. As full-time lake agents, we are here to help you understand the ins and outs of living on a lake, from rules and regulations to dock and water features. Of course, we’re also very familiar with the architectural features and amenities of the homes on the market, and will do our best to match your family to the ideal lake house for your needs.

So when you’re ready to start your search for a great lake home, give us a call. We would be honored to work for you and help you find the lake getaway you’ve always wanted. With over 600 miles of shoreline spanning 5 counties, it pays to work with agents that know the area. As a full-time lake agent and resident, I have the specialized knowledge that will give you confidence in your buying decisions. While it’s important to have a lake agent with intimate knowledge of lake properties, don’t forget about the fun parts of living on the lake! So today, let’s talk about some of our favorite activities and the many exciting things to do at Lake Lanier.

living on a lake

Living on a Lake: Fun and Relaxation Await


As we mentioned above, it’s important to research and understand some of the issues specific to lakefront real estate. Before living on a lake, you’ll want to consider things like dock access, water level and drought issues, and Corps of Engineers regulations, as well as access to services and other items that may be different from your typical house hunt. Certainly while these issues are important, today let’s talk about one of our favorite topics, having FUN on Lake Lanier!

Of course, the first things that come to mind when it comes to fun on a lake is water. From boating and swimming, to skiing and wakeboarding, Lake Lanier offers plenty of big water and small inlets alike, so whether you want to find a big open spot for jet skis, or a quiet cove for fishing in a canoe, it’s a great lake for you. Beyond getting out on the water, there is also the LanierWorld water park, fun for kids and big kids alike.

Rather stay dry? There’s lots for you to explore as well. Fantastic golf courses, hiking and trails, and plenty of other onshore activities await. Head to Sunset Cove to see great concerts, dine at delicious restaurants, and check out sand volleyball. Great dining options can be found at Fish Tales at Hideaway Bay, Pig Tales at Aqualand, or Big Creek Tavern. In addition, many exciting events take place throughout the year around Lake Lanier, such as the Shore Sweep, a fun volunteer event to keep the lake beautiful. Living on a lake can also be about tranquility and relaxation. It’s great to know that all of these events and entertainment options are available, but sometimes a glass of wine on the porch and a sunset is what it’s really all about. I’d be honored to help you and your family find the perfect lake getaway. If you’re ready to get started. please give me a call today, and let’s find the lakefront property for you!

Lake Lanier Activities

lake lanier activities

At, our focus is on connecting buyers and sellers with the finest in Lake Lanier real estate. But our focus is truly on sharing the joys and attractions of the lake lifestyle with potential residents. There’s no better way to understand that than with the trusted local knowledge we have to offer here at Teresa Smith Realty. Our team always has a finger on the pulse of the local market, and as residents of the area, lots of insights about the various Lake Lanier activities that are available throughout the year. Hi I’m Teresa Smith, and along with my great team of real estate pros, we’d like to help you get a better understanding of Lake Lanier and all it offers to residents and visitors alike.

Our dedicated lake agents are here to guide you through the process of finding Lake Lanier lots and homes. With a focus only on lakefront properties, we can help you make confident purchasing decisions while also deciphering things like Corps of Engineers regulations and dock permitting issues. Of course we’re also knowledgeable about the market in general, and are always here to answer more traditional questions about condition, amenities, and comparable listings. Besides the house itself, our favorite thing to show and discuss with clients is really all of the Lake Lanier activities that make the lake life so desirable. Whether you plan on living here full time, or just as a getaway from the city, there’s always something to do at the lake!

lake lanier activities

Lake Lanier Activities: Fun for the Whole Family


In an area that spans 5 counties and over 600 miles of shoreline, there’s surely something for everyone. Lake Lanier activities range from any number of watersports, to concerts on patios, to exciting holiday light shows. Fishing and golfing, hiking and bike trails, there’s lots of ways to enjoy the natural beauty of our lake. Take an early morning canoe or kayak out for sunrise, or relax on your own back porch with a glass of wine and a sunset view. There are also many campgrounds around the lake, so you could take the kids on an outdoor adventure just minutes from the house.

Of course, getting out on a boat is always great, from water skiing and wakeboarding, to simply cruising and swimming. Taking a cruise can often end in an exciting destination too. Tie up at the Hideaway Bay Marina and have a bite at Fish Tales, or make your way to Pelican Pete’s at Port Royale Marina. And certainly keep your eyes on the schedule of fun events and concerts that happen at Sunset Cove. There are also concerts at The Olympic Rowing Venue, as well as many community events. You can even get your very own floating concert with the guys on Band on a Boat!

With so many Lake Lanier activities, it’s no wonder folks tend to stick around once they’ve adopted the lake lifestyle. If you’re ready to explore your options, give my team of Lake Lanier real estate agents the opportunity to find the lake home you’ve always wanted.

Find Lake Lanier Houses You’ll Love

lake lanier houses

Have you always dreamt of living on a lake? If you’re a metro Atlanta resident and thinking of fulfilling that dream, Lake Lanier is a great choice. Hello, I’m Teresa Smith, and I’d be thrilled to show you the best Lake Lanier houses on the market today! When it comes to lakefront property, you’ll need an experienced lake agent who knows the area, but more importantly who understands the small nuances of lake real estate. I’ve been helping folks buy and sell Lake Lanier properties for over 14 years, and am also a full-time resident of the lake. With an area spanning 5 counties and covering over 600 miles of shoreline, it takes an experienced, knowledgeable guide to fully grasp the market.

Along with my team of dedicated, hard-working agents, we sold over $20 million in Lake Lanier houses just last year, and a few years ago, we were the #1 Team in North Gwinnett for Keller Williams Realty. While I am proud of this successful track record, my real thrill comes from sharing the many exciting aspects of lake living that make it such a desirable destination. With great restaurants, lots of outdoor activities, and of course plenty of fun to be had on the water, there is shortage of FUN to share! Of course we’re also here to give you confidence that you’re getting a fair value, and also to help you understand lake-specific issues. Let’s talk a bit more about that below.

lake lanier houses

Lake Lanier Houses: Understanding How to Compare

While any housing search will involve head to head comparisons of things like kitchen amenities, bedrooms, and square footage, with lake properties, there is even more to consider. With Lake Lanier houses, I’ll help you understand some less obvious details, such as dock permits and view enhancement rules dictated by the Army Corps of Engineers. You’ll also want to carefully research water and drought conditions at any property, especially if you hope to have access for various water craft.

Now getting back to the fun activities at the lake, I look forward to sharing some of the many exciting events that we are fortunate to host on Lake Lanier. For example, there is the annual In-Water Boat Show coming up later this month, not to mention concerts at Sunset Cove all season long. Many of our past satisfied clients have enjoyed having this kind of local’s insight and getting a sense of what lake life holds in store. Add to that our dedication to hard-work and persistence for all of our customers, and you’ll see why is the trusted realtor for you. Please read some testimonials from past clients, and feel free to call me today at 770-654-4173 to get started on your search for Lake Lanier houses.

See The Best Lake Lanier Homes

lanier homes

Here at Living on Lake, we strive to offer our clients the best guidance on Lake Lanier homes available on the market today. I’m Teresa Smith, and I’d like to help make your lake lifestyle dreams a reality. For 15 years, we’ve been helping our clients take the plunge and buy into the lake life. As dedicated lake agents, my team and I bring a wealth of experience and a track record of success helping both buyers and sellers across the Lake Lanier real estate market. With an area spanning 5 counties and over 600 miles of shoreline, it’s tough to know where to begin your search. That’s why it’s SO important to work with full-time agents specialized in the lake market.

Not only do we have a deep knowledge of the area, we often learn about enticing properties before they’re even listed thanks to our network and resources. Besides the process of selecting a house, I also take pride in acting as your guide to all the FUN things that comes with living here on Lake Lanier. I’ve been a resident for over a decade, and am thrilled to represent the lake community and all the exciting activities we have to offer potential residents. So if you’re ready for an exciting change of pace, our team is ready to work with you and your family today. Read on to learn more about how we can help you, and why so many clients trust us to find the best in Lake Lanier homes.

lanier homes


Your Expert Guide to Lake Lanier Homes


So are you ready to for the lake life and hoping to see the best in Lake Lanier homes? Let me help you understand why you can put your faith in our team of real estate pros. It starts with our commitment to professional, personable service. I bring the same positive attitude and promise to work hard to all of my clients, while also maintaining a realistic expectation for which homes and areas to target based on my knowledge of the market and your goals. With lake properties, it is vital to have a strong grasp of site specific issues such as dock permit rules, view enhancement regulations, and changing water conditions due to drought and seasonal adjustments. Of course, I’m also interested in finding the interior features that best fit you and your family’s needs as well, and always strive to listen closely to the wishes of my clients.

A quick glance at our testimonials page will give you some ideas of how satisfied folks have been with our service in the past. When you’re ready to begin your search for Lake Lanier homes, I would be honored to offer the same level of focused service and local expertise to you as well. Give me a call today at 770-654-4173 and let me share my passion for the Lake Lanier lifestyle with you!

Your Guide to Lake Lanier Properties

lanier properties

Are you looking to change your life, take the plunge, and buy Lake Lanier property? Do you want to work with experienced team of lake agents who can guide you to the best deals and explain the nuances of Lake Lanier properties, homes, and lots?  My name is Teresa Smith, and along with the Team, we’re ready to get to work for you!  With 14 years of experience helping our clients with top notch Lake Lanier properties, we would love to be the real estate team that helps make your lakefront dream a reality. When it comes to finding the right lake home for you and your family, it is SO important to work with a full-time lake agent. Not only do we know the Lake Lanier area like the back of our hand, we’re also up to date on current trends and hotspots in the market. Plus, in an area that encompasses 600+ miles of shoreline and spans 5 counties, we know all about the FUN activities and entertainment options available across the lake. As a full-time resident of the lake for 12+ years, I take pride in the lake community, and would be honored to work with your family to help bring the lake life to you. Here are some of the reasons why buyers and sellers alike continue to put their faith in the Team.

lanier properties


Lake Lanier Properties You’ll Love


If you’re ready to start your search for Lake Lanier properties and lots, let me explain some of the reasons why you can trust our team. Recently recognized as the #1 team in our Keller Williams office, sellers can count on a full-fledged marketing campaign for every listing. For buyers, we are there every step of the way to help you through the search process. With lakefront properties, the issues that come up are often more complex than a typical real estate search. My team will help you understand important items such as Corps of Engineers rules regarding dock permits and view enhancement regulations. We also have insight into water and drought conditions and of course, many of the other common issues that come up with real estate transactions when buying a Lake Lanier property. But beyond that, we really LOVE sharing our passion for the lake lifestyle. Let us show you the many dining, entertainment, and outdoor activities that are available to lake residents and you’ll see why a move to the lake can be both an escape from the crazy daily routine and traffic, as well as a new source of excitement at the same time. Don’t just take our word for it though, read some comments from past clients on our testimonials page. When you’re ready to find the best in Lake Lanier properties, call me at 770-654-4173 and let’s get started!

Living on the Lake

living on the lake

Are you looking to make an EXCITING change to your daily pace of life? Tired of the busy city and traffic? Let 2017 be the year you and your family make the choice to live the lake life! With our team of EXPERIENCED lake agents, your dream of living on the lake can become a reality! Hello, I’m Teresa Smith, and welcome to the Team. We would be thrilled and honored to be your guides throughout the process of searching for, touring, and hopefully purchasing a beautiful property in the Lake Lanier area. Encompassing over 600 miles of shoreline and 5 counties, Lake Lanier has something to offer for everyone. Let us show you what makes living on the lake so much fun! I have 14 years of experience helping connect my clients with buyers and sellers for all kinds of lake homes and lots, and I’ve also been a full-time resident for over 12 years. With an intimate knowledge of the many communities that make up the lake, as well as a thorough understanding of the intricacies of lake real estate, we are the dedicated lake agents you can trust. For today, let’s focus on just a few of the many FUN things to do at Lake Lanier.

living on the lake


Why Living on the Lake Can Be So Fun!


Of course, part of living on the lake means understanding some issues that don’t come up in other areas, and that’s one great thing about working with us. We’ll make sure you understand dock permits and regulation, Corps of Engineers rules and regulations, and how water and drought conditions can affect you. While we’re happy to educate our clients about these important rules, we LOVE to share our own enthusiasm for the lake lifestyle. Sure, there are all the many fun ways to enjoy the water, from swimming to boating to all the many watersports, but the lake has much more to offer. Enjoy amazing golf outings, get involved in Shore Sweep every September, stop by Pelican Pete’s for a cool cocktail and snack while listening to local entertainment, paddleboard to your neighbor’s dock, kayak up the coves and creeks and see amazing wildlife. One of our favorite Sunday afternoon activities is taking the jet ski all the way up the Chestatee and Chattahoochee where the rivers begin Lake Lanier. Now, that’s a TRIP!

There are also plenty of great dining options on the lake, accessible by car or boat. Check out Fish Tales at Hideaway Bay, Pig Tales at Aqualand, Big Creek Tavern for amazing food and entertainment, or head over to Sunset Cove for concerts, restaurants, sand volleyball, and other fun events. The rowing venue has a new amphitheater that hosts concerts, food trucks, and craft beers several times a year. If you are a fisherman, you have to check out the multitude of fishing tournaments hosted throughout the year. The seasons bring plenty of fun activities too. Right now, there is the LanierWorld Winter Adventure, including the amazing 7 miles of lights. Whether it’s a summer float off your dock, or a winter sunset from a cozy spot by the fire, living on the lake offers so many opportunities for peace and relaxation. If you’re ready to get started with your search, please give me a call today, and let’s find the perfect lake home for you!

Your Lake Lanier Home Awaits

lake lanier home

Are you ready to make a FUN change to your daily routine? Now is a great time to get away from all the hassles of city life and traffic, and consider the idea of lakefront living. We are here to tell you that there is a perfect Lake Lanier home out there just waiting to be discovered! Whether it is a weekend getaway or a full-time lake home, we are your resource for Lake Lanier. Hi, I’m Teresa Smith, and we are the Team. We are dedicated to home and lot purchases on Lake Lanier and will be your guide through the process of searching, comparing, and purchasing the lake property of your dreams. Plus, you will have a GREAT time shopping on the lake!

When it comes to finding a Lake Lanier home that fits your hopes and needs, our team considers Lake Lanier our backyard. We’ve been helping our clients buy and sell lake property for the past 14 years, and give you the positive and negative aspects of buying a lake home so that YOU can make the right decision. For sellers, we help put your mind at ease with our great resources and marketing methods to get the maximum value for your property. If you’re ready to hear more about our Living on Lake Lanier team, we’d love to talk to you today. First, let me tell you a little bit more about what we offer to our clients.

lake lanier home

Finding Your Lake Lanier Home Should Be Fun!


In addition to our local knowledge and expertise in evaluating lakefront properties, we also have a network of lake contacts and often know about a property before it goes on the market. We truly believe in bringing a FUN, POSITIVE attitude to all of our dealings with clients. The process of house hunting can often be stressful, but my team and I strive to make the search for your ideal Lake Lanier home smooth and enjoyable. Part of that effort involves our intimate knowledge of the many aspects that go into choosing the best lake house. We help you understand and appreciate the smaller yet vital details that go into selecting your future lake getaway. As a resident of the lake myself, I know what it takes to explain the difference in purchasing a lake home as opposed to a typical residential home.

You will need to understand dock permits and regulation, the Corps of Engineers line and what you can and cannot do on government property, septic tanks and drain field lines, and depth of water and occasional drought conditions. Let us show you all of the many wonderful opportunities our lake offers for recreation, fun events, fabulous dining, and the simple solitude and serenity of nature. That’s where the FUN part comes in. We don’t just want you to buy a house because it looks good and feels like a good value, we want you to LOVE your new lake lifestyle! So if you’re ready to work with the best group of realtors for the job, it would be my honor to help you and your family find the Lake Lanier home you’ve always wanted. Give us a call today and let’s get started!

Lake Lanier Property for Sale

lake lanier property for sale

Are you starting your search for Lake Lanier property for sale? Unsure where to start and in need of a trustworthy real estate professional to guide you through the process? Hi, I’m Teresa Smith, and with one of the top teams of realtors working in the Lake Lanier market, we’re here to help! As both a full-time Lake Lanier resident and a true 100% lake agent, I have the knowledge and local insight that will give you the confidence to purchase your new home on Lake Lanier. Buying a home in a neighborhood can sometimes be a difficult task but with lakefront property, there are even more details to consider. Not all lake lots are created equal!

Varying degrees of dock access and topography, differences in depth of water and dock size as well as Corp of Engineer regulations can change from one property to the next. With over a decade of experience, my team and I know the 600+ miles of shoreline like the back of our hands. Our clients consistently compliment us for helping them understand the nuances of lake real estate, and also listening to their wants, need and desires from the beginning to the end. We WANT to change your life and offer you a lifestyle that you and your family will LOVE and make memories for years to come.

With a combination of service and expertise, we’re able to connect you to the finest Lake Lanier property for sale quickly and confidently. Besides a thorough grasp on all the finer points of buying and selling homes on the lake, we’re excited to share some of the GREAT activities and events that make up lake living.  Whether you’re looking for a full time residence, weekender or summer getaway, remember the Living on Lake Lanier team is here to get you started! Let us educate you why or why not a particular home is a good buy or if the location will fit your needs.  Plus, we are FUN to work with!

lake lanier property for sale

Your Local Guide to Lake Lanier Property for Sale


Our team of lake experts wants to make sure that every buyer and seller we work with has a GREAT experience and ultimately a successful transaction. For sellers, we go all out with multiple marketing streams in print, online, and through social media. We also ensure your listing has professional photography and drone video, and is staged properly to stand out from other Lake Lanier property for sale. For buyers, we help you understand all the finer points of lake home ownership, such as Corps of Engineer rules and regulations, market trends, and potential drought issues. Plus, as I mentioned, we LOVE sharing some of the aspects of lake life with our prospective future neighbors!

Living on Lake Lanier is like being on vacation every day and we are excited to help you envision the joys of slow boat rides at sunset or a glass of wine overlooking the lake from your backyard. With a solid track record of proven results and glowing testimonials from past clients, I hope you’ll give me and my team the opportunity to make your lake dreams come true.  When you’re ready to see the best in Lake Lanier property for sale with the guidance of proven local professionals, please give us a call at 678-318-5007

Things to Do at Lake Lanier

things to do at lake lanier

Here at, we specialize in making the lake lifestyle dream a reality for our valued clients. With Teresa Smith Realty, you’ll get an expert guide to the lake real estate market and all the smaller details that come with lakefront property. Hello, I’m Teresa Smith, and I’m proud to work with a great team of agents and share our knowledge of the Lake Lanier market and the many exciting things to do at Lake Lanier. When shopping Lake Lanier lots and homes, it’s essential to have a dedicated lake agent with you throughout the process.

We’ve always got our finger on the pulse of the local market, and can help you make your buying decision more confidently. From the finer points of HOA rules and Corps of Engineers regulations to more standard questions about home amenities and market trends, we’re here to help. One of our favorite aspects of the Lake Lanier market is sharing the joy and appreciation we have for the activities and fun to be had as a lake resident. Whether you’re looking to relocate permanently, or just want a place to get away from the hustle and bustle, there are so many exciting things to do at Lake Lanier. So today, let’s focus on just a few of our favorites!

things to do at lake lanier

A Few of Our Favorite Things to Do at Lake Lanier


From fishing to golfing to countless watersports, it’s hard to run out of fun things to do at Lake Lanier. Get out on the lake in a canoe or kayak for a sunrise paddle and experience the peaceful serenity of calm, quiet water. Take the kids on an outdoor adventure to one of the 12 campgrounds scattered around the lake. Experience world class golf at some of the area’s finest courses. Wherever you turn, you’ll find fun activities waiting.

Of course, cruising around on a boat opens up lots of possibilities too. Take a ride to one of the many exciting dining destinations such as Fish Tales at Hideaway Bay Marina, or Pelican Pete’s at Port Royale Marina. Enjoy a sunset cruise with friends, or make your way to Sunset Cove for a variety of festive events throughout the year. The Olympic Rowing Venue hosts concerts and the Lake Lanier Association helps organize many community events.  You can even have a floating concert come to you with Band on a Boat!

With so many things to do at Lake Lanier, you can also have fun and help out worthy causes with events such as the Poker Run benefitting children in need, or the Shoresweep event that helps keep the lake pristine and beautiful for all to enjoy. And don’t forget about LanierWorld for an exciting water park experience right on the shores of the lake!

If you’re ready to explore all of these great things to do at Lake Lanier, let my great team of Lake Lanier real estate agents help you find the lake home you’ve always wanted. You’ll feel like you’re on vacation every day, with the big city just 30 minutes away. And remember, it’s great to have so many options for fun, but you can always kick back and relax at home too!