Selling Your Home on Lake Lanier

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Lake Lanier Realtors

Selling Lake Lanier Homes is Our Specialty

We understand that situations arise where it may be time to sell your home, but if you live on or near Lake Sidney Lanier, you have to know that the demand for homes around the lake is still very high.

What most people don’t know is that selling a home on the lake isn’t like other real estate transactions. Most real estate agents don’t understand all the intricacies of selling lakefront property which risks leaving a lot of money on the table. This is why you want realtors with specific expertise in selling Lake Lanier homes. Our experience helps put more money in your pocket.

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Why Call The Realtors At Living On Lake Lanier?

Our real estate team understands lake life because this is where we live, work and play. While many realtors think they understand what it takes to successfully sell homes here, we have an intimate understanding of on and off-market properties, rules, and regulations of the Army Corp of Engineers, dock permits, and more.

We've even been featured in buying and selling homes on HGTV’s Lakefront Bargain Hunt!

For more than a decade, we've negotiated real estate deals around Lake Lanier for our clients to sell their homes for more. With more than $300 million dollars in total home sales, you won't find a real estate team with more insight into selling lakefront homes than ours.

We can help you understand what needs to be done before your home hits the market along with trusted vendors so you don't have to go through your own nightmare contractor stories. We have a huge network of preferred vendors who have an impact on sellers, such as contractors, painters, plumbers, landscapers, dock professionals, and others.

While selling your home and moving is always difficult, we make the entire process simple and easy for you.

For many of us, living the lakefront lifestyle is a dream come true, but if you're ready to move on to the next chapter of your life, we'll help you make the dream come true for the next family who wants to buy your home.

Identifying Your Needs

We know that there are a lot of necessary steps involved in selling a home and it is no simple task. It’s important for you to feel confident in your decision and excited about the next steps towards putting closure on this process.

When identifying your needs, it’s important to us that we meet them head-on with honesty from beginning to end to provide an assessment that will help us tailor our services just right so there are absolutely no stones left unturned before the closing day arrives.

Schedule a Consultation

Let us simplify the selling process for you. We are more acquainted with the Lake Lanier housing market which gives us an advantage over other real estate companies. Based upon our level of expertise, we can help you find the best price for your home in order to get the highest possible return on your investment.

We’ll go through our thorough marketing approach to create the highest demand for your property. Transparency, honesty, and continual communication are among our basic values, so you can rest assured that you will receive personalized attention from start to finish.

Make Your Listing Stand Out

With the wealth of information available to buyers today, your listing MUST stand out. We collaborate with professional photographers, videographers, organizers, and, on occasion, home stagers to capture the beauty of your house and allow purchasers to imagine themselves living there. We use an assortment of well-tested marketing tactics, in addition to gorgeous, high-quality photographs, to demonstrate that your home is the key to the dream of lakefront living. In today’s market, it is a price war as well as a beauty contest.

Choose the Living on Lake Lanier Team

It’s clear that the real estate agent you choose has a significant impact on how quickly your home sells and your amount of return on investment.

We are a small, robust team of full-time real estate professionals with a proven track record of success and a solid reputation on Lake Lanier. Our expertise ensures that you’ll have a smooth selling process from start to finish.

Contact us and let the realtors at Living on Lake Lanier sell your Lake Lanier home.